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Pastel Pink and White Cute Christmas Greeting Instagram Story (Instagram Post) (US Letter)

'Tis the Season Of Giving But...

you give all year long! This season, let's give back to YOU, Mama! Introducing "The 25 Days of Mom-mas," a celebration of self-love, community, and the spirit of giving, tailored just for incredible moms like you.


Get ready to embark on a FREE 25-day journey dedicated to taking care of yourself and relishing in the joys of motherhood.


12 Acts of Mom-Care

You'll get a card with 12 acts of simple self-care. Your goal is to put just a little time and intention into yourself, to stay whole this holiday season, and complete your card by Christmas. 

This is the busiest time of the year. A time that is meant to be happy and joy-filled is often a time of burnout and taking a back seat. So this year we are changing that.

05 Giveaways

Get ready for incredible Instagram giveaways every Friday from Dec 1-25,  some in collaboration with other mom owned businesses and some with my very own mama.


By entering the challenge, you're automatically in the running for these prizes BUT anyone can win by tagging friends on the giveaway post!


At the end of the challenge, one lucky mama who completes all 12 tasks will be entered into a drawing for a special grand prize—a big gift that celebrates you and your dedication to self-care.

25 Days

You have 25 days to complete your bingo card! We know time is not on our side as moms, so take your time and schedule these things when it works for you!



We know time is limited, things are crazy this time of year (okay all year but ) so these tasks are simple but impactful. These 12 tasks will take you only 5-10 minutes, maybe more if you so choose.


The point is not to add to your to-do list or do huge things. The point is intention. The point is to remember you matter. And the point is honoring your needs without guilt. 

The goal is to complete as many as you can in the 25 days leading up to Christmas. When you complete all 12 tasks you'll be entered to win the Grand Finale giveaway! 



We've partnered up with a few incredible women to giveaway some wonderful "treat yourself" gifts! They are fun, unique, and the kind of thing you may not always buy for yourself!

You'll be entered in to win by joining but you can get unlimited entries by participating on the instagram posts every Friday! Winners will be announced the following Friday! 


What are you waiting for?

This Mom-Mas, let's celebrate you—the wonderful, resilient, and loving mama. Join us in making this holiday season a time of self-care, joy, and community.


Together, let's make the 25 Days of Mom-Mas an unforgettable celebration! 🌟✨Let's make this a season of joy for everyone and let's take care of you, too!

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