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Thank you for checking out Welcome Mama! 

As a new, mom-owned business with a big mission, your being here means the world.

Keep scrolling for all the info you need about our story, the journal and day planner, and our goals! 

our story


Key Features

This book is a functional keepsake, meant to improve your day today and be something you can look back on for years to come.


My hope is one day, you can look back and relive these days and your children can look back on their childhood, how you experienced them, and they can see the whole, amazing woman you are. 


The Design

  • Innovative side-by-side layout

  • Journal and memory prompt on the left page and planner on the right

  • Seamless one-stop, all-in-one tool

  • Hardcover functional keepsake

  • 6 months worth of pages

  • Gold bookmark ribbon

  • 2024 and 2025 calendars

  • Important dates pages for every month 


The Journal

  • Simple, rotating prompts for ease of use

    • Daily prompts for gratitude 

    • Daily prompt for releasing anxiety/resistance 

    • Rotating prompts for intention setting and self-care

  • 5-10 minutes to complete ​

  • Feel calmer, more mindful, and clear 


The Memory Prompt

  • At the end of every journal page

  • Record quotes, milestones, or whatever want to remember about your day 

  • A place for all the things that you want to remember about this season of life


The Day Planner

  • After you are centered with your journal, the planner page is for designing your day with intention 

  • Daily schedule with 30-minute increments

  • Perfect for time blocking, planning your day or recording feeding, naps, or outings 

  • Four separate to-do lists

    • Success list for the most important things to do that will make the day a win

    • Other to-dos for extra things you want to get done

    • Habit list for the things for you! 

    • Family to-do list because those to-dos never end 


The Welcome Mama Journal and Day Planner is launching on Amazon and this website on May 1st 2024 at 1 pm CST!


At this early stage, I would love to send you a journal and day planner for free in exchange for a guaranteed share. You tell me what feels good for you and what you feel called to share! 


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  • Amazon


Use your personal storefront or affiliate link to promote on Amazon! This method helps us to reach more people via Amazon's best sellers list and get verified reviews. 


Here is the link to Amazon - do NOT promote until May 1st at 1 pm CST.

(The pre-order function does not work so I don't want to confuse anyone! Thank you!) 

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Welcome Mama Website

I am happy to offer a 10% commission to you for every sale on the Welcome Mama website!

Thank you for your time!

For more info on me and Welcome Mama, let's connect on socials! 




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