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Make the Most of Book, Mama!

Yay! You have your book and I hope you are loving it! 

Below I've answered some FAQs for how to get the most out of your book. This is all based on how I designed it and how others have used it but this is. yours! I hope you use it in whatever way suits your life! 


When should I use my book?

I designed the book to be completed in the morning, to center yourself with the journal, remember moments from the previous day, then plan your day and make your to-do lists with clarity and intention.

BUT you can absolutely do it in the evening. Use the journal prompts to reflect on the day, to set goals and intentions for tomorrow, and download your moments from the day. You can then use the planner either in the evening to plan for tomorrow or save it for the morning! 

Really, the opportunities are endless! Get creative and enjoy! 

Should I do it every day?

You sure can, but you don't have to. I made the days undated because doing anything every day as a mom is unrealistic. You're going to have mornings where you choose sleep, you're going to have travel days where nothing needs planning, you might even fall off for a week or two (I have!) and you won't lose any pages in the process!

But there is absolutely NOTHING stopping you from coming right back to it. You, your mind, and yur memories are worth it! 

What if I only want to journal/plan my day?

This is the one thing I struggled with when creating this design. How do I have this side by side and not have this problem "What if I only want to do one of them?" 

You can keep rolling and just have different dates on the pages. So April 10 you journaled but didn't plan. You can pick back up with the planner page on the 11th and flip to the next page for the accompanying journal page. (That may make no sense but hopefully, you get my gist). 

What I do is skip that page and come back to it when I have a day where I just want to journal/plan. I know I have a blank page in there somewhere, flip through and fill it out. Yes, it's out of order but it works! 

Should my memories be about my kids?

Yes. JUST KIDDING. Your memories are anything you want to remember but know you'd probably forget. I made this with motherhood memories in mind but sometimes it's business milestones, and sometimes it's moments with my husband, family, or friends.

This is YOUR journal! Make it yours! 

How else can I use this book? 

Again, it's yours - have at it! 

Some ways I've seen it use are 

-using the agenda to track feedings

-using the memories for baby milestones

-using the journal as a evening wind down 

-using your agenda to record your day as another memory keeping piece 

-using to-do lists to stick to habits and goals 

If you have ideas or feedback on your book, let me know! 

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