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Success in Your Season

One of the most challenging parts of motherhood and life is change. 

Transitions are hard and one of the greatest, if not THE greatest transitions we will ever make is the transition of becoming a mother. From the drastic physical - body, brain, and hormonal to the psychological, social, and identity changes, this transition is called matrescence and it is a lot.


And it is ongoing. The process of entering and experiencing motherhood doesn't happen overnight, rather it is cyclical. It is seasonal.

We separate from who we were and the life we've known, we go through the change, the in-between of who we were and who we are becoming, and eventually, slowly, then fully we step into who we are now or into our new reality. 


Sound familiar? 

This happens upon becoming a mom, becoming a mom again, going back to work, transitioning to staying at home, sending a kid off to kindergarten, sending a kid off to college, or becoming a grandma. 

We are forever navigating change. 

Changes in our kids, in our lives, in ourselves.

Often we resist change, we try to stick to our old patterns, habits, or ways of being and doing that are outdated. This can cause a lot of pain, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy.


"Why can't I do this?! I did it before!" 

Being able to put a name to where we are can be one of the most powerful things we can do to then lean into that season fully, accept it, embrace it, and make the most of it, rather than fight it. We can use the gifts of that season to grow, learn, or just be. 

This is where The Seasons of Matrescence comes in. Created by Niki McCahon, the seasons of matrescence is a model that helps us to but language to where we are in our transition and how we can make the most of it and fully be in our season.

What I do is use this model to support women through matrescence but also through transitions in life, business, and relationships. 

Determining where you are, we can determine what success looks like for you right now, rather than what is has always looked like or what you think it should look like according to society allows us to live our most authentic, aligned lives. A life where we know where we are, what we value right now, and what we can truly expect from ourselves at this time. 

To learn more about your season, take the quiz below. 

And for support in navigating your season or to have me speak on matrescence or success in your season, please contact me here

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