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Autumn: Embracing Change and Letting Go

Autumn is a time of release and acceptance. It is a period marked by the beginning of changes and potential resistance, yet it also presents an opportunity for profound self-reflection and preparation.

You are the caterpillar- preparing for change, unaware of the evolution ahead.

You May:

  • Feel shifts in our interests

  • Begin to turn inward.

  • Recognize that a change is necessary, even if we resist it.

  • Plan for the impending transformations

  • Start acknowledging that something significant is on the horizon

  • Feel a separation from people, places, passions, or lifestyles

As nature sheds its leaves, autumn invites us to let go of the old and prepare for new changes. It's a time for reflecting on what no longer serves us and embracing the unknown with a fresh perspective.

Challenges to Watch For:

  • Resisting changes and clinging to old beliefs, values, or lifestyles that don’t fit anymore

  • Feeling uneasy and misaligned

  • Using outdated methods to bounce back

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Prepare for changes by gathering resources, seeking support, and building community

  • Cultivate inner trust

  • Set realistic expectations

  • Begin realigning your micro values and definitions of success to better suit your current situation

During autumn, it's crucial to allow ourselves to let go of what no longer serves us, making room for new growth. This season challenges us to shed our old selves and prepare for the renewal ahead.

Resources: The Seasons of Matrescence (TM), 2022, Niki McCahon

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