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Embracing Winter: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Season of In-Between

Winter introduces a liminal space—a quiet, introspective period where growth seems to pause, and the landscape may seem stark. This season is about transition and often involves grief for what was and uncertainty about what’s to come.

We are the chrysalis - alone, in between what we were and unsure of what we are becoming, and going through the challenging process of evolution.

A lot of people experience winter after a loss, separation, burnout, or during postpartum. But the seasons are not prescriptive, sometimes a successful event or big win can be followed by a winter.

You May Experience:

  • A sense of loss or confusion

  • May feel "stuck"

  • Feel a stronger need for support

  • Desire for stillness and restoration

  • Lost sense of self

Winter brings a slower pace, offering a chance for deep introspection and renewal. This quiet season is for processing the past and laying the foundations for future growth.

Challenges to Watch For:

  • Holding onto old values or success metrics that no longer serve your current reality

  • Trying to 'do' instead of 'be'

  • Continuing to seek achievements without adjusting for current reality

  • Avoid or overlook rest and stillness

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Show self-compassion and embrace the stillness

  • Allow yourself to be where you are without pressure.

  • Reflect on who you’ve been and what could be moving forward

  • Connect with others who can guide you

  • Find purpose and the lessons in the in-between

In the heart of winter, when we are most reflective, it's vital to embrace this pause in activity to restore our energies and prepare for the emergence of new beginnings.

Resources: The Seasons of Matrescence (TM) 2022, Niki McCahon

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