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Spring: The Season of Emergence and Clarity

As the snow melts and the first buds appear, spring offers a sense of hope and renewal. This is when we start to emerge from the introspection of winter, gaining clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

You are the brand new, emerging butterfly. You know you are different but might not be ready to fly just yet.

You May:

  • Begin to understand the lessons from our winter experiences

  • Feel an increasing desire to engage with the world around us

  • Turn our attention outward

  • Have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we want

Spring signals rebirth and clarity. As the world around us blooms, so too can our sense of identity and direction, refreshed by the insights gained during winter.

Challenges to Watch For:

  • Not aligning new actions to current micro value and doing for the sake of doing

  • Taking on too much too quickly

  • Putting too much pressure on yourself

  • Going forward without integrating lessons learned during the introspective winter

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Take aligned action based on refined values, setting goals that truly matter

  • Connect with supportive people

  • Pace yourself by taking small, deliberate steps

Spring is about exploration and newness, a time to plant the seeds of future projects and relationships that will flourish in the time to come.

Resources: Seasons of Matrescence (TM), 2022, Niki McCahon

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