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Summer: The Season of the Butterfly

Finally, summer represents the peak of our growth—full, vibrant, and expressive. This is the time for doing and sharing, characterized by:

You are the fully formed butterfly, who knows she's emerged, evolved, and is ready to soar!

You May

  • Be active and full of doing

  • A sense of achievement and success from the efforts of the previous seasons

  • Fullness and happiness that come from expressing and living out our newfound clarity and purpose

  • Security and confidence in our place in the world

Summer is the time to thrive and express the growth and evolution you've undergone. It's a season filled with energy and productivity, where the seeds planted throughout the year come to full bloom.

Challenges to Watch For:

  • Saying yes to everything

  • Doing things out of alignment with your clear micro values

  • Not taking time to celebrate successes

  • Self-doubt holding you back from reaching your full potential

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Teach and share the lessons you've learned

  • Put your new gifts into practice and hold on to the lessons of winter

  • Set goals in alignment with your values

  • Staying consistent towards your goals and mission

In summer, we are like a fully bloomed garden, vibrant and bustling with life, ready to share our growth and lessons with others.

Resource: The Seasons of Matrescence (TM), 2022, Niki McCahon.

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