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What Season are You Really In?

We have all heard it - "it's just a season". But what if you could really use the seasons to understand where you are, where you're going, and what you could/should be doing right now?

In the Seasons of Matrescence(TM) - Niki McCahon created the seasons model of matrescence to navigate the changes of becoming a mom, We can take this same model and apply it to every area of our lives.

Understanding life's cyclical seasons helps us embrace changes, much like the natural ebb and flow of the year. Each season brings distinct opportunities and challenges that, when navigated thoughtfully, help us have compassion for where we are and set us up for success in any season.

WAIT - if you don't yet know your season ⬇️

Autumn: Season of Preparation and Release

As nature sheds its leaves, autumn invites us to let go of the old and prepare for new changes. It's a time for reflecting on what no longer serves us and embracing the unknown with a fresh perspective. You are the little caterpillar preparing to let go of your caterpillarness and start your evolution.

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Winter: Season of Reflection and Renewal

Winter brings a slower pace, offering a chance for deep introspection and renewal. This can be a challenging time of "in-between" - who you are letting go of, the life you are letting go of, and not being sure of who you are becoming. This quiet season is for processing the past and laying the foundations for future growth.

You are the chrysalis, in your cocoon, growing, changing, and potentially aware of the butterfly on the way.

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Spring: Season of Emergence and Clarity

Spring signals rebirth and clarity. As the world around us blooms, so too can our sense of identity and direction, refreshed by the insights gained during winter.

You are the butterfly starting to emerge from the cocoon, maybe not ready to fly but seeing the fruits of winter and what you are becoming.

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Summer: Season of Fulfillment and Expression

Summer is the time to thrive and express the growth you've nurtured all year. It's a season filled with energy and productivity, where the seeds planted throughout the year come to full bloom.

You are the butterfly, my friend. You have stepped into your new self and are ready to fly.

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Remember - this is cyclical. The butterfly doesn't live forever. She lays her eggs, the caterpillar returns, and we evolve again. And that is beautiful!

By viewing our personal growth through the lens of seasonal changes, we can approach each phase with intention and mindfulness. We can adjust our microvalues for our current reality and season.

In doing so, this perspective helps us manage life's ups and downs and ensures we thrive as individuals and mothers, fully embracing each season's unique beauty and challenge.

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